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Medium Roast 1 lb. bag of espresso from 9 bar espresso Roasters Blend 1 lb. bag of Union coffee from 9 bar espresso Decaffeinated Roast 1 lb. bag of espresso from 9 bar espresso
Flagship espresso -16oz.
Our Price: $13.75
Union -16 oz.
Our Price: $13.75
Our most popular, an abundance of dark chocolate notes with a smooth lingering finish, very balanced flavors with a mild sweetness, great in any drink from a straight espresso to a quad breve macchiato.
South America, Central America, East Asia
Roast Level : 7 / 10
Well balanced with low acidity. This blend of both medium and dark coffees expresses a rich dark flavor but with a slightly sweet finish. Excellent in any preparation from Chemex to classic drip. Quite popular with home users in an espresso machine.
Africa, South America, Central America
Roast Level : 7.5 / 10
DECAFFEINATED - The richest and most flavorful cup of decaf you will ever have, well rounded with dark caramel and toasted walnut finish, especially good as a straight espresso or americano, excellent in a drip coffee maker.
South America, Indonesia

Roast Level : 6 / 10