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Medium Roast 1 lb. bag of espresso from 9 bar espresso Roasters Blend 1 lb. bag of Union coffee from 9 bar espresso Decaffeinated Roast 1 lb. bag of espresso from 9 bar espresso
Flagship espresso -16oz.
Our Price: $13.75
Union -16 oz.
Our Price: $13.75
Our most popular, an abundance of dark chocolate notes with a smooth lingering finish, very balanced flavors with a mild sweetness, great in any drink from a straight espresso to a quad breve macchiato.
South America, Central America, East Asia
Roast Level : 7 / 10
Well balanced with low acidity. This blend of both medium and dark coffees expresses a rich dark flavor but with a slightly sweet finish. Excellent in any preparation from Chemex to classic drip. Quite popular with home users in an espresso machine.
Africa, South America, Central America
Roast Level : 7.5 / 10
DECAFFEINATED - The richest and most flavorful cup of decaf you will ever have, well rounded with dark caramel and toasted walnut finish, especially good as a straight espresso or americano, excellent in a drip coffee maker.
South America, Indonesia

Roast Level : 6 / 10
Mocca Java- 10 Year Anniversary Blend
We are offering this classic blend to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We paired Yemen Mocha Haimi and Certified Organic Java Taman Dadar. These 2 are incredible together. This is the fruitiest Yemeni coffee we have ever tasted and the earthy Java balances it out perfectly. We have tried this blend using just about every brew method and our favorite preparations are Pour over and espresso. This blend produces one of the most epic straight espressos we have had. The fruit hits right way but gives way to the that smooth luxurious Java. We have a limited amount available so don't wait on this one, trust me.