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Thank you for your interest in 9 bar espresso. We hand-roast every batch daily and your customers will notice the difference. Whether you are an established business or starting a new espresso bar or coffeehouse, we are dedicated to your success! There are several advantages to enjoying wholesale customer status—here are a few:

  • First and foremost, we provide incredibly fresh, high quality
    roasted coffees.
  • We provide exceptional and dependable customer service.
  • We provide free Barista training.
  • We also provide convenient, free local delivery
  • We provide discount rates on Espresso machines and other
    brewing equipment.

Whether you seek private labeling or enjoy the benefit of our brand, we can help you develop the right coffee service to fit your needs. Contact us today at wholesale@9bar-espresso.com or call Corey at 888-576-9227 ext. 267